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Raised in Baldwin County; Chad and Sandy love to travel the U.S. and visit breweries to see how the culture of an area is infused into the craft of brewing.  Their intentions are to allow other craft beer enthusiasts to see what the Gulf Coast of Alabama's culture can bring to the craft beer scene. They love to utilize the local homebrewer's club to give influence and uniqueness to the brewery.  You can often find a homebrewer's recipe on tap.  Be sure to say Hi and Thanks if you see them in the brewery on your visit. 

HEAD BREWER / Chad Saxon 

Pictured with Chad is his late Mother, Judy Graves.  She was very excited being a part of the brewery, but sadly, she lost the battle to cancer.  As a tribute to Judy, her flowers and succulents can be found around the brewery.  Chad has been around brewing for four years now.  He started out with his local homebrew club The Knights of The Hop Table, he then transitioned into brewers assistant, and has now stepped into the role of Head Brewer.  

-Chad S. "I use this quote on every brew; We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents".

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