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For our Neighbors

We started our business with one goal in mind: to be a neighborhood pub that offers local, tasty, and creative beer. Our brewery will be much more than just a venue for drinking beer, however. It will be a place to visit with your neighbors, share experiences, tell stories, and explore the craft beer world. We will be making our own beer onsite, while also retailing other breweries beer and wine.

We will continually work hard to produce better beer and to increase the variety. As we grow, we will be supplementing heavily with guest taps (other breweries beer.)

We performed nearly all of the construction of our building ourselves despite the challenges of hyper inflation and supply chain shortages through the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our love for beer, community, and socialization were the guiding light.

We look forward to meeting all of our neighbors and local beer lovers. You all are what will make this little local spot special. We look forward to growing and celebrating with you all. Cheers!

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